Play & Earn USDC with House of Slots: The World’s First Stable Blockchain Social Casino Game

• ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, will launch the global social casino slot game House of Slots in March 2023.
• House of Slots will offer over 80 different social casino slot machine games and provide users with a realistic and fair gaming experience.
• Tokens, airdrops, and game NFT free minting events will be included before and after the launch.

Introduction to House of Slots

Seattle, Washington, 20th February, 2023 – ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate is set to launch the global social casino slot game ‘House of Slots’ in March 2023. The game is expected to provide users with an opportunity to experience Play & Earn ecosystem before its formal launch. This project marks as the first stable blockchain technology-based social casino game in the world and it offers over 80 different slot machine games for users with a realistic and fair gaming experience.

Rewards System

The Web3-based Play & Earn system unlocks rewards in its decentralized economy which allows players to own more value within the game. To take part in this reward system, one must install an IntellaX wallet either through simple login registration or by linking their email address which enables them to easily participate in various events such as tokens airdrops and NFT free minting event both prior and post-launch. Additionally, mission plays also have certain benefits attached where those who possess an NFT get access to exclusive holder limited events after opening.

Adoption of USDC

The most notable aspect of this project is that USDC (a coin fixed to the value of US dollar) has been adopted globally for playing various social casino games for free while earning specific goods provided by the game at no cost. This initiative prevents any decline in token values which has been one of the major issues with Web3-based games so far.


To stay updated on upcoming airdrops or NFT free minting events one can join discord server or follow us on our Twitter & Telegram channels as well as Gleam page links are available for further information regarding these events too.


House Of Slots provides an exciting platform for gamers by offering them realistic gaming experiences along with attractive rewards systems built around blockchain technology which makes sure that players are able to make full use out of their every effort within this system without worrying about token values decline due to volatility issues in Web3 based games anymore!

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